More Ni-Vanuatu Pilots in Command

Thursday, 15th June 2017

Patterson Tariwisi is the latest Ni-Vanuatu pilot to be upgraded to the rank of Captain at the national carrier. The 33-year- old Ambae man has been with Air Vanuatu since 2009 and will be in command of the airline’s ATR72 aircraft.

Chief Executive Officer Joseph Laloyer said Captain Tariwisi joins several other Ni- Vanuatu pilots who have completed their command training in recent months.

“Investing in our local staff is a priority for Air Vanuatu. This year Stephany Tarileo also completed her command training on the ATR along with Captain Tariwisi, Captain Ketike Tatireta and several others upgraded on our domestic fleet of Twin Otters as well.”

The normal progression of pilots at Air Vanuatu is to start as a first officer on the DHC Twin Otter then after two or three years experience move to train for captain on the DHC.

Twin Otter followed by first officer ATR and then after extensive training qualify for captain on the ATR.

Captain Tariwisi followed a similar same path and last month completed his training in Auckland where he sat three simulator tests for the ATR followed by line training in Vanuatu.

“All our pilots go through extensive training to become captains and their commitment and dedication is to be praised,” Mr. Laloyer said.

Captain Tariwisi said he hopes to continue flying with Air Vanuatu and eventually become a captain on the Boeing 737-800.

“The best part of the job is the continuous learning,” he said.

“Apart from having to know the limitations, rules, and regulations, learning goes beyond in this job.  I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced people in the aviation field.

“And from a thunderstorm cloud to a vast never-ending blue sky, the view is unbeatable,” Captain Tariwisi said.

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