Vanuatu Videos

Experience the excitement as our new Boeing 737-800 touches down on Vanuatu soil for the first time!



FULL FLIGHT DECK ACCESS Take a ride in the cockpit of our 737-800, travel with our pilots from Port Vila to Sydney

Travel around the islands by boat, visit the world famous Champagne Bay in Santo, plus many other outer island sights. The region is described as "pure paradise", this all in the Worlds happiest nation!

This video gives you an insight into Air Vanuatu's busy network, featuring our modern domestic and international aircraft, connecting visitors and the people of Vanuatu to the Islands. Vision, Ramlo Production by Dominique Lecuivre.

Travel around the islands in this video, mainly filmed around the Northern part of Vanuatu, just a 50 minute flight from Port Vila or a 2 1/2 flight direct from Brisbane, Australia