What's the Best Time to Visit Vanuatu?


In the south west reaches of the mighty Pacific lies a small archipelago nation consisting of 83 islands. This is Vanuatu, a destination like no other. Here you’ll find white sandy beaches just waiting for you to leave your footprints behind. Its jewel-green forests are at the heart of each island and a trek through them will leave you spellbound. Travelling from district to district, island to island you’ll find a treasure trove of natural wonders such as waterfalls, blue holes and even a few volcanoes.

best time to visit Vanuatu

What would a Pacific island adventure be without a spectacular underwater seascape? The surrounding waters of Vanuatu are fringed with pristine coral reef which has been left virtually untouched. The diving is world-class here. You’ll even find a few WWII relics laying submerged on the ocean floor, beckoning to be explored.

Vanuatu boasts a tropical climate with good weather all year round. This makes anytime a great time to experience Vanuatu’s charming Pacific vibe. The best time to travel to Vanuatu really depends on where you’d like to stay and what you’d like to see and experience on your holiday.

The following points of consideration offer a great indication of what will be the best time for you to visit Vanuatu:

Vanuatu Weather

Boasting balmy temperatures throughout the year, Vanuatu’s weather can be split into two categories. Between November and March, the weather is hot, humid and wet. If you arrive during the wet season be prepared for rain showers that can happen at a moment’s notice. Rainfall generally increases from December, reaching its peak in March. Temperatures fluctuate between 22˚C and 28˚C and can reach a peak of 34˚C. Make sure that you book excursions and plan activities that take place in the morning, as the build-up of clouds during the day usually results in a heavy afternoon downpour.

What follows is what the locals refer to as winter. Generally, the months of April through to October are more comfortable as they are slightly less hot and humid with temperatures averaging a comfortable 21˚C. In terms of pleasant weather, this is the best time to visit Vanuatu.

Cultural Festivals of Vanuatu

Recognised as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, a trip to Vanuatu is not complete without a healthy dose of cultural experiences. There are a number of cultural festivals celebrated throughout the year that showcases the remarkable diaspora of Vanuatu. One of the most noteworthy is the epic land diving ceremonies that take place on Pentecost Island from April to June. This incredible rite of passage sees men and boys make death-defying leaps from tall wooden towers some 30 meters high. You’ll find that most cultural festivals happen during the months of July and August when Vanuatu is at its driest. However, you’ll still be able to experience the rich cultural traditions and local customs throughout the year by simply booking one of the many cultural activities and community tours on offer.

Vanuatu Diving & Fishing

If you’re an avid diver, fisherman or someone who simply enjoys spending time ensconced in the blue embrace of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll be happy to know that the water temperature here generally mirrors the air temperature, averaging between 21˚C and 28˚C. This means that you don’t need any protection from the cold other than a light wetsuit when planning extended dives. Vanuatu is well known for its crystal clear waters that offer great visibility- making this a diver’s dream destination.

With a wealth of exceptional activities and experiences on offer, a balmy tropical climate and amazing cultural diversity, Vanuatu is a great destination whose highlights can be enjoyed throughout the year.