Vanuatu’s top 5 most romantic spots every couple should visit

Spoil your significant other on the stunning islands of Vanuatu. With romantic spots set against the backdrop of unlimited blue seas and picturesque picnic spots, these islands have a plethora of hidden gems you can explore and admire.

We have narrowed down our top 5 favourites for you to add to your romantic bucket list:

1. Romance with a glass at Champagne Bay

Picture crystal clear oceans and white sandy beaches, Champagne Bay is a great place to relax with your loved one. Although one of the more popular spots you can set up the picnic blanket in a quiet area and enjoy fresh coconut or a spot of snorkelling.

vanuatu romantic holidays Champagne Bay

Time it right and you will be able to enjoy Lobster as it comes fresh off the boat and cooked right in front of your eyes, served with lime and you are set for a Romantic Date of the beach.

2. Take a drive to Port Olry Beach

The beauty is endless in Vanuatu with another stunning beach just a short drive away. Some say this is the most beautiful spot they have visited while on the Island. Adorned with hammocks you can lounge under the shade for an afternoon nap or indulge in the locally grown fruit.

vanuatu romantic holidays Port Olry Beach

Take a stroll along the lovely soft sand and keep your eyes peeled while enjoying this Pacific paradise as Turtles swim close to the shoreline.

3. Pack a picnic and head to the Blue Lagoon

The clear blue waters of Blue Lagoon will take your breath away! The water can’t get any fresher – the perfect place for a dip a hot summers day. There is the perfect spot up top with picnic tables so be sure to pack some local treats to enjoy while you are there before taking a dip or channelling your inner Tarzan on the rope swings.

There is a small fee to enter the Blue Lagoon but this beautiful well-kept secret is totally worth it. Also, bring your own goggles and bottled water as there are not shops on site.

4. Duck dive into Blue Cave

Take to the water for something a little different and visit the Blue Caves. After a small swim, you will have to duck dive down where you can swim through the entrance of the cave to discover the blue glow within. You can perch on one of the many rocks and take it all in or swim around and spot the fish.

vanuatu romantic holidays Blue Lagoon

Tours and Guides are available to make sure you get the most out of this experience but if you are wanting to capture the tranquillity be sure to pack you underwater camera!

5. Helicopter to your own Private Island

Looking for the ultimate romantic escape while in Vanuatu, treat that someone special with a private beach escape. Create your own magical memories as you fly via helicopter to your own private island, enjoy white sandy beaches, a picnic lunch and bottle of bubbles to top it off. Girls, keep those nails manicured – this might be the proposal you are secretly hoping for! Trust us, the Instagram envy from your friends will be totally worth it.

There you have it, our top 5 romantic must-do activities in Vanuatu. If you're looking to book your next holiday with that special someone,  plan and book your ultimate Vanuatu getaway today!