Payment and Currency

Internet booking payment options.

Air Vanuatu transacts all online bookings in either Australian (AUD) or New Zealand (NZD) dollars only.

  • Vanuatu bookings that originate to/from: Australia, South West Pacific, and within Vanuatu (domestic) are all transacted in AUD.
  • Bookings to/from New Zealand are transacted in NZD.

We accept American Express, Master and Visa cards only for online payments.

NB Your bank may surcharge your account, we recommend you check if you are unsure.

For your transaction to be completed, you should have followed the step by step prompts through the booking process and received a copy of your flight itinerary, to the email address supplied, a ticket number/s will appear on this document as the final confirmation of a successful transaction. If you do not see ticket numbers on your flight itinerary then please go to our View My Booking page and retrieve your live booking.

Should you have any questions or issues with our online payment process, using our internet booking engine, please contact your nearest Air Vanuatu Sales office for action and follow up.

Account to Account (A2A) for Australian and New Zealand Bank based accounts only.

Air Vanuatu now offers the convenience of a direct deposit payment via your Australian or New Zealand Bank Account.

During our online payment process you will be presented with the option of paying via credit card or using Account to Account, this allows you to transfer the amount owing for your airfare from either your Australian or New Zealand based bank account  including Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, NAB, BNZ, TSB, Kiwi Bank or National Bank.

Follow the prompt or screens (example below) to process your account to account payment, once completed you will be sent a secure code to the mobile number linked to your bank account, once entered and approved your itinerary will be sent with ticket numbers confirming your payment.

A2A                a2a 2


Currency Conversion

A Vanuatu currency conversion table is available via our Internet booking engine, once you have selected your: dates of travel, class and fare type. This is an indication only of what your transaction will cost in the relevant currency. Please note this is an indication only, your bank may charge additional fees to convert into your currency.

Below are the 3 screens you will see through the booking process.

1. On the first screen Select the "currency converter" link below.


currency page 1

2. The following pop-up screen will appear, select your countries currency from the index or simply type in the 3 letter code if you know it e.g. USD.


currency page 2


3. The total cost of the itinerary will be displayed into the selected currency - as an indication only.

All payments are transacted in Australian (AUD) or New Zealand (NZD) dollars only.


Currency page 3