Travel Assistance


Wheelchair Assistance

If wheelchair assistance is required please advise your Air Vanuatu Sales  consultant or your Travel Agent to request your wheel chair prior to departure. Passengers may not take their own wheels chair or aids into the aircraft cabin. Air Vanuatu will provide assistance to passengers with mobility limitations, where required, including transferring passengers to and from their mobility device and the aircraft seat.


SSR WCHR - If you are relatively mobile and can make your own way to your seat on the aircraft but have difficulty with long distance at airports.

SSR WCHS - If you have limited mobility and can make your own way to your aircraft seat but cannot negotiate steps or stairs.If you are dependent on a wheelchair for mobility and require the use of an onboard aisle chair or slide board to get to or from your seat on the aircraft.

SSR WCHC - If you are dependent on a wheelchair for mobility and require the use of an onboard aisle chair or slide board to get to or from your seat on the aircraft.


Walking Canes, Crutches and Walking Frames

Air Vanuatu operates a narrowed bodied aircraft your mobility aid will need to meet the specified size dimensions when adjusted or broken down for our aircraft. Walking canes and crutches may be carried in the aircraft cabin. You may use your cane or crutches to the departure gate and carry it on board the aircraft where it will be stowed in an overhead locker or alternative storage space.

If your walking frame is collapsible and cabin crew can stow it safely, your walking frame can be stowed in the aircraft cabin. For safety reasons, non-collapsible walking frames are not permitted in the aircraft cabin. You can surrender your walking frame at check-in. You will then be transferred to the departure gate in a wheelchair. Alternatively, you can use your frame to the departure gate where it can be surrendered for stowage in the aircraft hold.

To allow Air Vanuatu and its ground handling agent to provide the appropriate levels of assistance, passengers with mobility limitations must allow sufficient time for check-in and boarding.

Security Screening for Special Assistance Passengers

Please refer to the Department of Transport website

Expectant Mothers

Can travel up to and including the 35th week of pregnancy. A medical certificate must be sighted, please contact Air Vanuatu before departure or uplift may be denied.

Special Dietary Requirements

If you have a specific meal requirement for health or religious reasons, please ensure you mention this to your Air Vanuatu Sales Consultant or your Travel Agent at time of booking.

When booking online state your meal request prior to confirming your booking.

Air Vanuatu will endeavour to provide your requested meal.

A range of meals is available on our flights from Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji to Vanuatu.

For passengers flying from Vanuatu to Australia or New Zealand ONLY the following special meals are available on request:

  • Vegetarian Meal
  • Vegetarian Lacto Meal
  • Childs Meal
  • Baby Meal
  • Diabetic Meal
  • Gluten-free Meal
  • Moslem Meal
  • Kosher Meal - 5 Days notice required for flights from Port Vila

In order to cater for your request please ensure that Air Vanuatu is notified at least 72 hours prior to departure.

If you would like to speak to us directly to us about your request please contact us:


Unaccompanied Minor

Air Vanuatu is able to provide assistance for children aged 5 to 11 travelling as an unaccompanied minor on an Air Vanuatu service. Unaccompanied minors can not be booked on-line and bookings must be made through an Air Vanuatu Sales Office or your Travel Agent.

In order to offer the best possible care for your child, we will need for you to provide information including contact details of guardians at both ends of the journey. Your Air Vanuatu Sales Consultant or Travel Agent will provide you with relevant forms that you will need to complete.

Children - Escort for Unaccompanied Minor

Subject to availability, Air Vanuatu may provide a staff escort for an unaccompanied minor on request from the Parents/Guardians.

The request should be made at the same time when making a booking with an Air Vanuatu Sales Office and charges will apply.


Children and Infants On Board

If you are travelling with young children or infants our cabin crew will be more than happy to assist you during your flight.

Due to space limitation, we are not able to provide on board bassinette.

Strollers are not permitted in the cabin of the Aircraft and must be checked in - Infant luggage allowance is 10kgs.

If you require child meals please notify your travel agent or Air Vanuatu no less than 72 hours prior to your departure.