Terms & Conditions

1.  Interpretation

A. In these Terms and Conditions ("these Terms"):

"ticket" means your passenger ticket and baggage check, of which these Terms and any associated notices form part;

"carriage" is equivalent to "transportation";

"carrier" means any air carrier that carries or undertakes to carry you or your baggage or perform any other service incidental to such air carriage;

"Warsaw Convention" means the Convention for Unification of Certain Rules Relation to international Carriage by Air signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929, as amended or replaced from time to time (by ratification or other act of government in the applicable jurisdiction), including for example by:

  • The Hague on 28 September 1955; or
  • The Montreal Convention 1999 (Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air);

"you" means you, the passenger.

B. The itinerary and receipt that you receive from us on completing your booking with us does not constitute a "document of carriage".  To the extent of any difference between it and the record of booking in Air Vanuatu databases, the latter will prevail.  Your booking is complete only once: (a) we have issued you with an e-ticket number for your journey; and (ii) we have successfully processed your payment for that journey.  Until those two requirements are met, we have no obligation to you in respect of your proposed journey.

2.  Conditions making up our contract with you

a)  Air Vanuatu carries passengers on flights (or other modes of transport) in Vanuatu, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, on a contract (the "Contract") that consist of:

  • These Terms;
  • Air Vanuatu's General Conditions of Carriage (Passenger and Baggage), available on request, and any applicable tariffs filed by Air Vanuatu with regulatory bodies; 
  • Applicable international conventions (including those referred to in these Terms) and Australian, New Zealand or other local laws (as applicable to your flight plans);
  • Air Vanuatu's privacy policy at [link] and (if you book your flights online) the terms of website use at [link]; and
  • Air Vanuatu's oral or written directions to passengers.

b) To the extent these Terms are inconsistent with the General Conditions of Carriage, the General Conditions of Carriage prevail. 

c) No agent, servant or representative of, or carrier used by, Air Vanuatu has authority to modify or waive any provisions of these Terms or Air Vanuatu's General Conditions of Carriage.

3.  Ticketing and carriers

  • A ticket is valid for carriage for one year from date of issue, except as otherwise provided in the ticket, in the particular carrier's tariffs or conditions of carriage, or related regulations.
  • Tickets are not transferable nor can they be used by anyone other than the person corresponding to the booked name of the passenger.
  • The fare for carriage is subject to change prior to commencement of carriage. The carrier may refuse transportation if the applicable fare has not been paid.
  • The price of your ticket may include significant amounts of taxes, charges, and fees imposed on air transport by governments, authorities and airport operators (in the fare e.g. Goods and Services Tax, or shown separately as a TAX/FEE/CHARGE). You may also be required to pay additional taxes, fees or charges not marked on your ticket. 
  • If Air Vanuatu issues a ticket or boarding pass for another carrier's flight, it does so only as an agent for that carrier.  The terms and conditions of the other carrier will apply to your carriage on the other carrier's flight.  You shall obtain those terms and conditions directly from the other carrier.
  • The carrier's name may be abbreviated in the ticket, the full name and its abbreviation being set out in that carrier's tariffs, conditions of carriage, regulations or timetables.  The carrier's address will be the airport of departure shown opposite the first abbreviation of the carrier's name in the ticket. Where carriage is performed by multiple carriers, they will be regarded as a single operation.
  • The Contract, and any exclusion or limitation of liability of any carrier used by Air Vanuatu, will apply to and be for the benefit of both Air Vanuatu and that carrier and:
     i.    their respective employees, agents, servants and representatives; and
     ii.   any person (and its employees, agents, servants and representatives) whose
           aircraft is used by the carrier / Air Vanuatu for carriage, and Air Vanuatu / the relevant carrier (as the case may be) holds that benefit on trust for each person or entity referred to in this clause, and can, if requested by them, enforce it on their behalf. 
  • The agreed stopping places are those places stated as such in the ticket or as shown in the carrier's timetables as scheduled stopping places on your route. 
  • The carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who has acquired a ticket in violation of applicable law or the carrier's tariffs, rules or regulations.
  • The agreed stopping places are those places stated as such in the ticket or as shown in the carrier's timetables as scheduled stopping places on your route. 
  • The carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who has acquired a ticket in violation of applicable law or the carrier's tariffs, rules or regulations. 

 4.  Seating and passenger comfort

  1. Air Vanuatu does not guarantee you any, or any particular, seat even if your reservation is confirmed. You must accept any seat allotted or re-allocated to you on the flight even if this involves a downgrade, or wait until the next flight on which a seat is available in the class of service paid for.
  2. Research indicates that prolonged immobility may be a risk factor in formation of blood clots in the legs (Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT).  If you feel you may be at risk of developing DVT or other health problems, you should consult your doctor before travelling, then contact Air Vanuatu.  Please refer to our in-flight magazine "Island Spirit" for further guidance on your comfort on board.

5.  Searches and screening 

  • Air Vanuatu, government or airport offices may require you to submit to clothing and body searches, require you to submit your baggage to searches or inspections, and search or inspect your baggage with or without you.  

6.  Right to Refuse Carriage

Air Vanuatu reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who:

  • seeks to travel in violation of applicable law, tariffs or the General Conditions of Carriage, or
  • is otherwise in breach of the Contract, or
  • is under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
    or if it is necessary for the safety or comfort of other passengers or for the protection of property.

7.  Smoking

  • Smoking is not permitted on any Air Vanuatu aircraft.

8.  Reservation Information, check-in and visa requirements

  1. Air Vanuatu requires you to reconfirm your return flight within 72 hours prior to your date of departure, using the following contact details:
  • Vanuatu - Phone +678 23848 OR 139
  • Australia - Phone 1 300 780 737 or +61 2 8335 4600
  • New Zealand, Auckland - Phone +64 9 373 3435

For details regarding check-in times and local visa requirements that may be relevant to your travel, please refer to the terms and conditions issued as part of, or with, your itinerary receipt / ticket.

9.  Baggage handling, limits and complaints

  • You must collect your checked baggage personally. 

In the course of normal baggage handling during travel, your luggage may show evidence of wear and tear. Air Vanuatu will not be liable to you for any normal damage to checked luggage, including:

  1. broken wheels or feet
  2. lost pull straps
  3. minor cuts and scratches
  4. damage resulting from over-packing
  5. damage to retractable luggage handles
  6. items unsuitably packed or unsuitable for transportation
  7. damage resulting from inspections by the authorities.
  • Air Vanuatu is also only liable for damage to your baggage that occurs on aircraft that it owns and operates. 
  • Except as provided under clause 15, Air Vanuatu is not liable for loss of, damage to or delay in the delivery of, fragile or perishable articles, money, passports, jewellery, precious metals, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables (including but not limited to cameras and electronic equipment), business documents or samples which are included in the passenger's checked baggage, whether with or without the knowledge of the airline. Such personal valuable items should be carried on your person or in your carry-on baggage under your care.
  •  Baggage-related complaints must be made in writing:

    i.    if your baggage is damaged during international transportation, immediately after discovery of the damage; or

    ii.   if your receipt of baggage is delayed, within 21 days from date the baggage was delivered by you to the carrier.

International Baggage Allowance

From 2 September 2016, our baggage allowance on Air Vanuatu international flights will be as follows:

Travel From Australia / New Zealand / Solomon Islands / Papua New Guinea
Fare Family SALE / SMART / FLEXI Dis Business / Business
Cabin Economy Business
Booking Class S T Q H N W V K M L B Y I D J
Carry On 7kg 7kg
Checked 30 Kgs for Australa & NZ 23kg rest 40kgs for Aust & NZ 30kg rest
Travel From New Caledonia / Fiji
Fare Family SALE / SMART / FLEXI Dis Business / Business
Cabin Economy Business
Booking Class S T Q H N W V K M L B Y I D J
Carry On 5kg 7kg
Checked 23kg 30kg

Baggage for children travelling in business or economy class are entitled to the same 

Domestic baggage allowance

  • For passengers orignating n Vanuatu, not in conjunction with International travel the allowance is 10kgs.
  • For passengers travelling from or to Australia & New Zealand, using an Air Vanuatu or Qantas International flights, travelling on ATR-72 operated flights onlybetween Port Vila, Santo and Tanna v.v. 23kgs applies

    ** A 10kg allowance applies to all other aircraft types. 
  • For passengers travelling from or to Australia & New Zealand, using any other international flight 10kgs applies.
  • Passengers travelling from or to: New Caledonia, Fiji, using an Air Vanuatu International flight travelling on ATR-72 operated flights only between Port Vila, Santo and Tanna v.v a23kg alllowance is permitted. 

Air Vanuatu domestic carry on luggage is strictly 5kgs per passenger

All Flights - additional provisions

i. Children travelling in business or economy class are entitled to the same baggage allowance in sections f and g above. Infants (being children under 2 years of age) are entitled to 10kg for checked-in luggage.   

        ii.If travelling with friends or relatives you can all pool your baggage allowance
        together, but must all check-in together at the airport.

        iii.You are responsible for ensuring that your baggage is clearly labelled with your
        name, both inside and outside your baggage.

        iv.You must also ensure that you are familiar with Airport security check point rules
        and restrictions on carrying: Liquids, Aerosols and Gels or LAGS. Refer to the
       following links for more information:

Australian Department of Transport
New Zealand Aviation Security Service

NB. Vanuatu follows the Australian rules, please apply these when preparing for your travels.
              v. In addition to the baggage referred to the above, the following items may

                   be carried free of charge:

                  any infant's food for consumption in flight and infant's carry basket;

                  a fully collapsible wheel chair, a pair of crutches, a walking stick and/or     
                  other prosthetic device if you are dependent on them.

              vi. Infant's carry baskets and wheelchairs may be used to board the aircraft,
                  but then will be stowed in the aircraft hold.

             vii. For the purposes of the above, an infant is a child under 2 years of age.

Excess baggage charges will apply when a traveller's checked-in baggage exceeds the free allowance set by Air Vanuatu. Remember if you are travelling with friends or as a group you can pool your baggage allowance, however you must check-in at the same time.

If your checked-in baggage exceeds you baggage allowance you will be charged for excess baggage at the following rate:

Departing From Charge per Kilo
Vanuatu VT 700 / per kilo
Brisbane AUD10.00 / per kilo
Sydney AUD10.00 / per kilo
Auckland NZD13.00 / per kilo
Noumea XPF10.00 / per kilo
Nadi & Suva FJD10.00 / per kilo

For domestic travel - please see the applicable charges on our website at 

Our excess baggage rates CLICK HERE

10.  Dangerous Goods

a) For safety reasons, the following types of dangerous goods or hazardous material (HAZMAT) must not be carried in your baggage (checked or carry-on) or on yourself:

                i. Briefcases and attache cases with installed alarm devices,

                ii. Gases, whether flammable or non-flammable (including camping gas)

                iii. Corrosives,

                iv. Toxic substances,

                v. Explosives, fireworks or flares

                vi. Infectious or poisonous substances,

                vii. Flammable liquids or solids,

                viii. Organic peroxides and other oxidising substances,

                ix. Radioactive materials

                x. Magnetised materials, and

                xi. Other miscellaneous HAZMAT, including asbestos, dry ice and internal
              combustion engines.

  • Brief cases and attaches cases incorporating HAZMAT such as lithium batteries or pyrotechnic devices, and disabling devices such as mace, pepper spray etc, containing irritant or incapacitating substance are totally forbidden. Medicines and toiletries containing alcohol may be carried in limited quantities in checked or carry-on baggage - no more than 0.5 litre or 0.5 kgs per item up to maximum of 2 litres or 2 kilos. Small arms, sporting ammunition and dry ice may be carried in limited quantities under certain conditions.[differs from Dangerous Goods page, which just says 0.5 litres or 0.5 kg per item - need to update that page?  Paul to confirm what the correct limits are here]
  • Specific requirements exist for carriage of camping stoves/fuel containers, firearms and any devices with petrol engines. Carriage of these items will require passengers to prepare the items or arrange documentation in advance of the travel date. Most devices with petrol engines cannot be carried as checked or cabin baggage and must be consigned as cargo. If you are unsure whether you can take something on the aircraft, please check with Air Vanuatu.
  • Firearms are not permitted in the cabin.

11.  Security Notice

For security reasons, all knives, sharp objects or cutting implements of any kind and any length, whether of metal or other material, knitting needles, and sporting goods, must be packed in your checked luggage. They cannot be carried in your cabin baggage or on your person. If they are, the articles will be removed and not returned. Passengers carrying hypodermic needles will need to declare them at the screening point - and produce any documentation requested in relation to their use and need for use. Medication should have a professionally printed label identifying the medication or a manufacturer's name or pharmaceutical label affixed. It is also advisable to have a doctor's letter stating the necessity for using such medicatio

12.  Your other obligations

You must:

  1. comply with all applicable government travel requirements (including obtaining visas to enter the countries to which you are travelling - see the terms included in or provided with your itinerary / receipt for further details);
  2. present any other exit, entry and other required documents;
  3. arrive at the airport by the time fixed by the carrier or, if no time is fixed, early enough to complete departure procedures; and
  4. check in by required check-in time. 

13.  Liability and disclaimers

  1. You acknowledge that your carriage is subject to the rules relating to liability established by the Warsaw Convention.
  2. Air Vanuatu will use its best efforts to carry you and your baggage in accordance with the date and time(s) of the flights specified and otherwise with responsible dispatch, but does not guarantee it will be able to do so. 
  3. Times shown in timetables or elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of this Contact.
  4. Air Vanuatu may without notice substitute alternative carriers or aircraft, and may alter or omit stopping places shown on the ticket. Schedules are subject to change without notice. 
  5. Air Vanuatu is not responsible for you making or failing to make any connecting flights, or for any other consequences of you arriving late at (or being unable to arrive at) your planned destination or connecting airports, regardless of the duration of the delay.  Air Vanuatu will not be liable for any such consequences regardless of the reason or cause of such consequences.  You acknowledge that you may miss your connecting flight (or arrive at a destination or connecting airport late) for various reasons, including flight delays or diversions caused by, for example, passenger illness, inclement weather, aircraft maintenance requirements, computer failures, crew duty time limitations, and/or other operational or regulatory considerations.  If however your connecting flight was booked through Air Vanuatu at the time of booking all flights for your journey, then Air Vanuatu will use reasonable endeavours to re-schedule your connecting flight.
  6. If your trip has a destination or stop in a country other than the one from which you departed, the Warsaw Convention may govern the liability of some or all airlines / carriers involved in your trip and may limit the amount of damages that can be recovered for your death or injury and/or for loss of or damage to baggage and other personal property.
  7. In addition, in cases of death or bodily injury, if required by law, Air Vanuatu will make advance payments to the person entitled to compensation, if required to meet immediate economic needs, in proportion to the hardship suffered.
  8. Liability for loss or damage is limited to about US$20 per kilo for checked baggage.
  9. Unless otherwise required by law, Air Vanuatu does not accept any liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any events which are beyond its control including, but not limited to, war, civil disturbance, fire, floods, acts of God, acts of Government or of any other authorities, accident or failure of machinery or equipment, or industrial action.

14.  Insurance

Air Vanuatu recommends that you take out insurance with respect to all your travel arrangements (including personal and baggage insurance), including coverage for the consequences (if any) that may arise from flight delays or cancellations (such as missed connecting flights and/or cancelled accommodation bookings).

 15.  Contact 

Please contact Air Vanuatu or your travel agent should you have any questions regarding the above Terms.