5 Reasons To Get Married In Vanuatu

Breath-taking beaches, remarkable scenery and beautiful Melanesian touches are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a romantic wedding in the tropical paradise of Vanuatu. Destination weddings have become increasingly popular with more and more couples looking for a truly unique once-in-a-lifetime experience. Vanuatu is a blissfully romantic destination to consider. Standing on any one of its palm-fringed beaches, digging your toes in the powder-soft sand, hand in hand with the one you love as the sun sets over the Pacific, it’s virtually impossible not to be swept up in the romance.

5 Reasons to Get Married in VanuatuGet Married in Vanuatu

Located in the azure expanse of the southern Pacific lies the archipelago nation of Vanuatu. Comprising of 83 islands that stretch over 1,300km, this Pacific gem offers couples hundreds of truly remarkable locations in which to marry- so much more than your standard tropical resort wedding. If you’re looking for a truly memorable location for your wedding, here are five reasons why you should get married in Vanuatu.

1. Get Married in Paradise

What could be more romantic than getting married in paradise? There are few places on earth that boast a spectacular retinue of breath-taking landscapes, ranging from lush jewel-green rainforests to white sandy beaches, all of which retain their virtually untouched and romantically remote charm. You can even say your vows in the shadow of an active volcano at Mount Yasur on Tanna Island. Whether you’re after a picturesque beach or mesmerizing waterfall as your backdrop, Vanuatu has an abundance of unique and effortlessly romantic settings that will at the very least produce extraordinary wedding photographs.

2. Excellent Selection of Wedding Venues

Vanuatu might not receive as much hype as it’s more popular and developed neighbour, Fiji but therein lies its beauty. In the realm of island getaways and romantic destinations, Vanuatu is definitely one of the best-kept secrets. This means that it’s small but growing tourism and service industry has not been eroded by the onslaught of bustling crowds of tourists. If you’re looking for intimate and easy-going, then Vanuatu is exactly what you want. Here you’ll find an excellent range of venues, resorts and accommodation options that suit any budget and are able to cater for your specific needs.

3. It Doesn’t Cost As Much As You Think

You might think that a destination wedding seems indulgently expensive in comparison to a hometown wedding but they don’t necessarily cost as much as you think. Having a destination wedding invariably cuts your guest list in half or even more which means there are fewer people to feed, host and entertain. They are wonderfully intimate and can involve just the two of you or a handful of your nearest and dearest friends and family. Getting married in Vanuatu means that you don’t have to have all the extravagant details you’d normally need to make your wedding aesthetically pleasing because you can rely on the breath-taking beauty of the setting. An incredible beach with swaying coconut palms in the background doesn’t need much to enhance the beauty of the event.

4. So Much To See & Do

Vanuatu boasts an incredible array of adventure activities and experiences that can be enjoyed by you and your guests. Travelling from island to island you’ll find a treasure trove of natural wonders such as waterfalls, volcanoes and blue holes. Take a hike through the rainforest, zip line through the canopy top, climb a volcano or explore submerged WWII wrecks on the bottom of the seafloor- Vanuatu truly offers up exceptional experiences.

5. Soak Up The Sunshine

Boasting a balmy tropical climate, Vanuatu enjoys good weather all year round. Temperatures average between 22˚C and 28˚C but can reach a peak of 34˚C. Although pleasant throughout the year, the months of April through to October are more comfortable as they are slightly less hot and humid.

Vanuatu is the perfect destination to have a romantic and intimate wedding. Picturesque backdrops, a variety of venues and resorts to suit any budget, balmy tropical weather, as well as a range of adventure activities and cultural experiences on offer- Vanuatu truly is a wonderful place to have your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.