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Friday, 25th January 2019

 Air Vanuatu is announcing a grace period on the Domestic I.D checks as previously announced.

It is worldwide standard in aviation for photo identification to be required for safety, security and revenue best practice.

Chief executive officer Derek Nice said the airline had been notifying passengers at Sales counters, via the media and online for several months now and is providing information on how to apply for free identification. 

We are a week away from the implementation of the new Domestic I.D check.

The airline is fully aware that there may be challenges in obtaining an I.D, we wish to inform our valuable customers that a grace period will be granted to ease the transition into the new policy.

Effective 01 February 2019, all passengers travelling from Bauerfield (Port-Vila), Pekoa (Espiritu-Santo) and Whitegrass (Tanna) will be required to present a photo I.D at check-in.

A grace period is extended to children and infants up to 01 March 2019. Infants and children may present a birth certificate as a form of identification until such time.

As of 01 May 2019, passengers travelling from the outer islands, excluding the three main cities, will be asked to present a photo I.D. 
We understand that there may be challenges in obtaining an official I.D in the remote islands, hence the airline is allowing a grace period up to 30 June 2019.

“Air Vanuatu will accept several forms of photo identification including the Vanuatu National I.D card which is available free from Civil Status. Other acceptable forms of photo I.D. include the VNPF card, driver’s license, passport, student card and official company I.D. cards.”

Effective 01 July 2019, each passenger travelling on any Air Vanuatu domestic flights must present a photo ID before boarding the flight.”

This policy also applies to any cargo collection where an I.D must be presented prior to the shipment being released. This comes into effect on 01 February 2019 on any ports serviced by the national airline.

Media inquiries: Tiffany Carroll Tel +678 7747153 or +61417512233


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