Air Vanuatu Claim Corporate Business House League Champions

Air Vanuatu are Vanuatu Cricket’s 2018 Corporate Business House League champions after defeating Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) through a super over in an exciting grand final match on Thursday the 14th of June.

TVL reached the grand final undefeated and opted to bat after they won the toss and left 2017 runner up, Air Vanuatu, to bowl first.

Trevor Rambay opened the batting for TVL with the support from Neil Mansale (7) at the non-strikers end and dominated strike throughout the first inning. Palash Bhowmik entered the pitch after the fall of the second wicket and anchored while Rambay did the big hitting and sent balls over the boundary line. Rambay completed TVL’s innings with 39* runs to his name and 2/84 on the scoreboard for TVL after 10 overs.

Air Vanuatu who were the runner up in 2017 had a target of 85 runs to win with 10 overs to play. Lazaro Carlot (27) and Shem Sala (36) were the stars with the bat leading their team towards victory until both their wickets fell and left the pressure on the remaining batsmen.

Air Vanuatu needed 7 runs to win in the last over of the match but Rambay produced great bowling from TVL which left the grand final results at a tie.

A super over was decided as the tie breaker and Air Vanuatu won the toss and elected to bowl first with hopes to restrict TVL from scoring runs.

The decision to bowl first paid off for Air Vanuatu when TVL only managed 6 runs on the board after their over and Lazaro Carlot took the liberty to claim victory for Air Vanuatu with two runs, a four and massive six to seal the deal for his team and claim the man of the match award.

TVL Chief Marketing Officer, Palash Bhowmik, who started playing with the TVL team in 2017 said that he is impressed with his teams’ performance this year because they have trained hard to get to the grand final undefeated compared to last year where they didn’t make it through rounds.

Palash also expressed that having this corporate business house league competition is a great initiative and it would be great if more business houses participate in the competition.

“The competition is a good initiative because most of us are busy with work throughout the week and this is a time when we can relax but also work together as a team which makes it like a team bonding time,” said Palash.

“I also think it would be great if more corporate business houses participate in this competition to make it bigger and more successful.”

Vanuatu Cricket would like to congratulate Air Vanuatu and TVL for their outstanding performance during the final and acknowledge the two other business houses who have participated during this competition as well namely Barret & Partners and National Bank of Vanuatu.

Tankyu tumas to Vanuatu Cricket’s exclusive water sponsor, Azure Pure Water, for supplying water which kept everyone hydrated throughout the 2018 Corporate Business House League competition.


                    Corporate Business House League Champions, Air Vanuatu and runner up, Telecom Vanuatu Limited


Source : Vanuatu Cricket Association