Vanuatu Island Flavours

Local cuisine is a hidden pleasurable whilst travelling the Pacific Islands. Delightful, delectable and cultural, the push to tap into this explosion of flavor led to a recent movement to ban western junk food and promote the consumption of organically produced “Bislama.”

So, what’s on the menu?

Core ingredients for island flavours include, root based vegetable such as Taro and Yam, fresh tropical fruit as well a variety of sea food and other island meat including pork and flying fox! Traditional cooking methods include hot stone, steaming and boiling which results in a unique fusion of tropical blends and specialities.

National Dish

Lap Lap

Vanuatu’s national dish is a delicious combination of yam, banana, coconut, sugarcane and breadfruit that is pounded into a dough and then cooked in an underground oven and served with coconut cream and a variety of meat!


Popular all around the Pacific, Kava is a traditional beverage brewed from a native root. Its relaxing effects make it extremely popular as an alcoholic substitute and is often consumed during evening meals. Kava bars are scattered all around the islands, especially in town centres, and is a must-try for a first time visitor to Vanuatu.