Escaping to Tanna Island

In just a short 45-minute flight from Port Vila, land in a world of discovery on the intriguing Tanna Island – a place steeped in history, natural wonder and “kastom,” a word the locals use which translates to tradition in the local language of Bislama.

Tannese culture flows through the heart the island as the people of Tanna follows a traditional way of life called Kastom. The evidence of western and modern influences are minimal, making for a truly intriguing and educational experience. The local people dress in traditional clothing and core values consist of community and minimalism.

Aside from visiting the local people and experiencing their wonderful way of life, the natural features of the island are spectacular. Visit one of the world’s most accessible active volcanoes - the glowing Mt Yasur. The opportunity to stand atop an explosive ring of fire and magma is once-in-a-lifetime. This feature is often best explored at night for a full-force natural fireworks display.

Tanna is also home to secluded beaches, tropical rainforests and thermal hot springs, ensuring there is plenty to see and do, such as snorkeling and diving, exploring hidden caves and living with the locals. Relax and rejuvenate in a variety of lodges and resorts such as the White Grass Ocean Resort and Tanna Lodge for a dreamy holiday.

Travelling to “the place that time forgot” is a must.

How to travel to Tanna Island?

To get to Tanna, take an  Air Vanuatu flight from Brisbane, or direct from Port Vila to Tanna. Experience everything the island has to offer, both culturally and physically. An overnight stay is the best option, especially when an unforgettable firework display by Mt Yasur is on the table!