Things to do on Epi Island

You may mistake Epi Island for being just another beautiful, tropical island here in Vanuatu, but there is a lot more to Epi than meets the eye. A place of mystery and magic, Epi’s tectonic and volcanic history has forged an adventurer’s paradise. Home to rugged terrain and lush rainforest, Epi Island is truly a gem of the Vanuatu archipelago.

What to do on Epi Island

Epi invites you into its peaceful and laidback aura, an impression that draws nomads and adventurers. Drawn to the lush vegetation and scenery around the island, Epi is the perfect paradise for the keen bushwalker. Jump in on the next guided walking tour, be sure to snorkel the coral reefs or even visit one of the many coconut plantations for a unique, island experience.

Epi Island Vanuatu

Lamen Bay and Bondas, the Lugong

If you’re looking for the perfect sunset shot to fill your photo album or Instagram page, Lamen Bay is undoubtedly the perfect place. One of the more popular areas in Epi, the waters of the bay are great for water activities. You can’t miss the opportunity to swim with Dugongs (Sea-Cows) that call this area home. One in particular, which has affectionately been named Bondas, has taken a liking to humans and has become somewhat of a star attraction. He boldly swims and interacts with humans who jump into the water – an experience of a lifetime!

The 1.5 km long beach at Lamen Bay is considered to be Epi's finest. There is plenty of shallow coral to explore for the avid snorkelers among us. For those intrigued by the unusual, the beach at Lamen Bay is comprised of a combination of black volcanic sand and white coral sand. A beautiful contrast of colours, don’t leave without walking from end to end.

Learn about local kastom and tradition by venturing over to Lamen Island. About two kilometres away by canoe, this small but beautiful island is surrounded by white sand beaches. Only about 450 people call this island home and are always delighted to show visitors their traditions.

Nikaura's Marine Protected Area

For enjoying the best of the ocean, Nikaura Marine Protected Area is great! The waters are ideal for the keen diver, where an unforgettable marine experience awaits.

Where to stay

There are a few accommodation options to choose from on Epi Island, including:

  • Epi Paradise Sunset Bungalows, near Lamen Bay
  • Nikaura Sunrise Bungalows, in Drummond Bay – towards the Eastern side of the Island
  • Burumba Youth Guesthouse in Burumba
  • Epi Island Guest House on the south-western side of Epi

Where to stay in Epi Island

Getting there and Around

Epi features two small airports, one at Lamen Bay and one at Valesdir, both of which are serviced by Air Vanuatu multiple times per week. Although there is a main road on Epi, it is unsealed. Most people, locals and tourists alike, get around by either walking or taking a bike. Hiring a taxi is also an option – in fact, a good way to make the most of Epi is to land at one airport in Epi and make your way by hiring a taxi to the other airport where you can catch a return flight to nearby Port Vila.